Frequently Asked Questions

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction also referred to as ludomania or problem gambling, usually describes an urge to gamble continuously in spite of harmful negative consequences for the affected persons social, family or professional life or a desire to stop.

How can I know if I am a compulsive gambler or gambling addict?

Ultimately, only you can know answer this question for yourself. Most problem gamblers show certain behaviour patterns, such as continued gambling albeit a desire to stop, chasing losses or spending time or money on gambling than they can really afford. Most problem gamblers will also have received critical comments from family or friends about their gambling habits. RGOAL’s website features a self-assessment questionnaire, which was developed by leading experts on problem gambling, which is designed to help you address some crucial questions about your gambling behaviour. On the partners section of our website you will find contact details of various organisations, that can help you analyse your gambling habits. 

What can I do if I feel I have a problem with gambling?
If you feel that your gambling behaviour might be problematic or if gambling appears to affect your life negatively (perhaps after completing our self-assessment questionnaire), a self-exclusion from future gambling activities by registering in RGOAL’s confidential database might be advisable as a first step. Moreover, you should consult the partners section on our website, which features links a broad range of organisations, which are dedicated to assisting individuals with gambling problems. Feel free to use it as a starting point for further research. We encourage you to get contact with any of the institutions, that you feel might be able to provide further assistance for your personal case.

How can RGOAL help me to control my gambling behaviour?

By registering a self-exclusion in RGOAL’s database, you can effectively exclude yourself from online gambling offers for a limited or indefinite period.  A self-exclusion though RGOAL is the most comprehensive tool of its kind available on the market today. With just a few clicks, you can exclude yourself from all platforms that are operated by the participating operators. Your exclusion will be valid cross-border in all European markets covered by RGOAL. Please refer to the partners section to see a complete list of all gambling operators and markets that are covered by RGOAL.

How can I help if I feel a family member or friend might be affected?

If you detect signs that lead you to the suspicion that a family member or friend might be struggling with problems related to compulsive gambling, you should persuade them to visit our website and consider the possibility of a self-exclusion, perhaps after completing our self-assessment questionnaire, which will confront the affected individual with the most crucial questions. For legal reasons, RGOAL is unable to accept third party exclusions registered by friends or family on behalf of an affected individual, except in cases where a court judgement putting the individual under tutelage or guardianship can be presented. Please contact our legal department in such cases.

Will I have to submit a multiple self-exclusions for different operators’ platforms for the best protection?

No, the registration of your self-exclusion in RGOAL’s database will exclude you automatically from all gambling activities offered on any of the platforms operated by any of the participating operators in all of the European markets covered by RGOAL. This means with just a few clicks to register your self-exclusion with RGOAL, you will be protected on multiple platforms and all over Europe. Please refer to the partners section to see a complete list of all gambling operators and markets that are covered by RGOAL.

Is my personal data stored securely and suitably protected?

Yes. RGOAL operates with the highest standards or of data protection and data security according to the Maltese Data Protection Act and all applicable EU Directives and Regulations. RGOAL is also pursuing the Europrise certification for Data Protection.

I have already self-excluded though a national government exclusion system, should I submit a parallel exclusion though RGOAL?

Yes, absolutely. Self-exclusion systems implemented by national governments can be a useful measure. However, their protection will always be limited to operators regulated in that national market. This means your protection will not be valid on websites of operators regulated under other European licenses. Depending on the System, European Citizens residing in other EU countries than their home country can also easily fall through the cracks and go unprotected. This is why RGOAL was designed to have transnational reach and is not tied to national borders. Once you register your self-exclusion with RGOAL, your protection will be extended to all of our participating operators, irrespective of their country or jurisdiction of operation. To ensure the most comprehensive protection, it is therefore crucial for individuals with gambling problems to register a self-exclusion with RGOAL in addition to any national self-exclusions.


I have submitted a self-exclusion on an operator’s website. Does this mean that I am now automatically registered with RGOAL?

It depends. If the gambling operator where you submitted your self-exclusion, was one of RGOAL’s participating operators at the time of submission (please refer to the partners section to see a complete list of all participating operators), your registration in RGOAL should be effected automatically. You should be receiving an email which will ask you to click a link to confirm your self-exclusion in RGOAL. Once you completed this simple step your protection though RGOAL is activated.

ATTENTION: Self-exclusions of platforms of operators that are not mentioned on our website, will only be valid for that particular operator or platform and will not avail you of the far reaching multi-operator protection provided by RGOAL throughout Europe.

How can I get further assistance? Which next steps should I take?

After self-excluding though RGOAL’s database, you may wish to refer to the partners section on our website, which features links a broad range of organisations, which are dedicated to assisting individuals with gambling problems. Feel free to use it as a starting point for further research. We encourage you to get contact with any of the institutions, that you feel might be able to provide you further assistance or guidance for your personal case.

How can I change the personal details in my profile?

You should update your self-exclusion details regularly to ensure the necessary level of accuracy within our database that is crucial for the effectivity of your protection. By logging in and accessing the “My Account” section, you can revise, update and modify your personal data if any of the information recorded here has changed.

Is RGOAL to a gambling product?

No. Although RGOAL works directly with the Participating Operators to make sure all of their platforms and products are covered by RGOAL’s protection, RGOAL remains a pure compliance software for operators. RGOAL does not offer any gambling products or services.

Can my data be shared with any government bodies or credit rating agencies?

No. RGOAL does not provide any information of its registered users to any third parties, including government agencies and credit rating institutions.

Is RGOAL related to any government or gambling operator?

No. RGOAL is a limited liability company established under the laws of Malta. Although we have a keen interest to work together with national gambling regulators, gambling operators and certain industry associations, where it enhances the protection of our excluded individuals, we are completely independent from any such organisations and under no supervision whatsoever. We do not share any information with any such entities. Ultimately, RGOAL is committed only to the interest of the individuals suffering from gambling problems.

Who can see my personal data?

Your personal data submitted upon registration of your self-exclusion will be stored securely on RGOAL’s own server, under strict adherence to all applicable data protection legislation. Only authorised RGOAL personnel are granted access to your data, if this is required as part of their operational responsibilities. Only the operators where you maintain a customer account will have your personal details and will be informed about your self-exclusion with RGOAL.

Will anyone be able to find out that I have a problem with gambling?

No. Your data is completely secure and all information will be treated in an anonymous manner when processed on our end and will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances.

How long does it take to self-exclude?

If you exclude directly through RGOAL’s own website, you will be required to also submit some documentation to duly identify you according to industry best practice standards and to confirm the information you provided is accurate. RGOAL will do its utmost to finalise every verification within not more than 72 hours. After that your self-exclusion should be effective. Self-exclusions that are submitted though the self-exclusion function of a participating operator’s website, will normally be effective within less than 24hours, as you have already been duly identified by such operator.


How does RGOAL cooperate with scientific research bodies and health care institutions?

RGOAL is developing a network to share experiences between many of the most important entities related to responsible gambling awareness. The information collected by RGOAL anonymously can provide unique and invaluable source of empirical data that will help such institutions to evaluate and analyse the problems related to gambling addiction and compulsive gambling. Any information provided to with such institutions, will be of statistical nature only and will be shared strictly on an anonymous basis, without mentioning any personal details of the individuals recorded in RGAOL’s database.