Guidance Notice´╗┐

Please read the Following guidance notes in conjunction with our General Terms and conditions for Excluded Persons before submitting your self-exclusion. By submitting your request for registration as an Excluded Person, you confirm that you understand and agree with the following:

- If you feel you have problems related to compulsive gambling, you can protect yourself by registering a temporary or permanent self-exclusions in RGOAL’s database. You can register through the platform of a participating gambling operator, directly on RGOAL's website or offline.
- You can exclude yourself for periods ranging from 6 months to permanent exclusion.
- Only you can register your self-exclusion and only one account per person is permitted. Exclusions submitted by a third party are invalid.
- You explicitly agree to the collection, storage and processing of your personal data by RGOAL for the purpose of implementation of your self-exclusion.
- RGOAL will store the following personal data in its database in accordance with the Maltese Data Protection Act (Cap. 440 of the Laws of Malta): name and surname, gender, date of birth, residential address, email address, telephone and/or mobile number, ID card or Passport number as well as starting date and duration of self-exclusion. You may be requested for an ID card copy and proof of residence.
- You have the right to request access to your personal data and can request changes to such data at no cost.
- You are responsible for the accuracy of your data. Mistakes and inaccuracies may lead to failure to implement your self-exclusion correctly and may render it ineffective.
- It can take up to 3 working days to process your request until your self-exclusion becomes effective. RGOAL will notify you by email to the email address provided in the Request Form once the self-exclusion has been registered.
- You agree that your personal information will be shared (encrypted) with all participating gambling operators, who are responsible to implement your exclusion from further gambling on their platforms. Your data will not be shared with anyone else (especially no government bodies marketing agencies, banks or credit rating agencies) unless RGOAL is legally obliged to do so.
- As a result of your self-exclusion, you will not be able to gamble on any websites of any of the participating operators for the entire exclusion period you chose.
- You will find a complete list of all Participating Operators and their platforms in

ATTENTION: You will not be protected on platforms of operators that are not mentioned on our website.

- Once effective, RGOAL will normally not lift any self-exclusion before the end of the exclusion period.
- There is a special procedure for lifting the self-exclusion for reducing the exclusion period, which is subject to certain conditions and at the discretion of RGOAL. Please note that it is eventually up to the participating operator to allow you to play again should RGOAL lift/reduce your exclusion).
- RGOAL does not accept any responsibility in relating to any losses or damages you incur.
- Self-exclusion is only one of many different measures to be taken to combat compulsive gambling problems. We encourage all excluded persons to seek further professional help.