RGOAL Protection


Exclusion from Online Gambling Websites 

This website aims to assist you in evaluating whether or not you might be developing a problem with compulsory gambling or gambling addiction by offering you a brief Self-Assessment Questionnaire which was developed by some of the leading experts in the area of gambling addiction. Depending on the result of your Questionnaire  you can decide whether or not you feel you might want to exclude yourself from future gambling activities using RGOAL’s Self-Exclusion Form


Data Protection & Data Security

- RGOAL complies with the highest standards of European customer consent and applicable industry best practice guidelines;

- All your data will be saved on RGOAL's own infrastructure in a secure environment in Malta in accordance to the Maltese Data Protection Act and European Directive;

- All communications between the operators and RGOAL, and all data processed by us will be fully encrypted;

- Our database is available 24/7 for Individual Users and participating operators. 


Third Party: Concerned about a family member or a close friend?

  For legal reasons RGOAL can't generally provide 3rd party exclusions, however we are aware that often family members or friends see an urgent need to intervene with the gambling behaviour of a 3rd person. In such cases you should contact an agency specializing in helping persons with gambling addiction, and if required, this person can then decide to register within our database.